get rid of unsorted sources in nfsen

Tired of searching in large lists of unsorted sources in nfsen channel selection?

Replace the following line in alerting.php and details.php :


backup F5 LTM configurations periodically to FTP server

Base for this tutorial is a F5 BigIP Version 11.4.1

I don’t know, if this route is needed, but in my case i couldn’t reach the FTP server from cli.
So i created a /32 route for the ftp server, i wanted to reach. eg:

For this case we are using this specific example hosts:
FTP Server:
BigIP MGMT Gateway:

Then we create a script under /sbin/ This script will dump the configuration into a tmp directory and upload the file to a ftp server. This script will create a new file every day and attach the date to the file name.

All lines, which need to changed to your properties, are marked yellow.

Make the script executable:

and add a cronjob to run this script, for example, every day 3:00AM :

Find unused elements in Juniper configurations

The following lines, help to find unused elements, like communities, as-path, prefixlists or policy-statements, in Juniper JunOS Configurations.

At first you need to save the configuration to your local computer.

Run the following commands on your linux box:

Save the following script as :

Make the script executable and execute it with configuration file as argument:


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